There are those who long have favored
The violet’s blue shade,
And others who will ever
To the crimson rose be staid;
We will place them both together,
And never shall we rue
Those years we’ve stood defenders
Of the Crimson and Blue.
We have studied ‘neath thy ensign,
We have worked beneath thy flag,
And our hearts will e’r be with thee,
Though the years may fleet or lag,
We will ever be thy guardian
Ever keep thy memory true,
And we’ll ever fly the banner
With the Crimson and the Blue.
All the pleasures that we cherish,
Soon will pass fore’er away
And the memories of our school days
Sink beneath the shadows gray,
Yet there’s one thing we’ll remember
All the years we yet pass through, ‘
Tis the thought of old Pulaski
And the Crimson and the Blue.
Arthur Fremont Rider ’01